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Target Tracker Multi School Tracker.

Target Tracker Multi provides an aggregated overview of Target Tracker data across a Multi-Academy Trust or any other group of schools. It provides valuable insight into how schools within the group are performing by comparing and analysing the data emerging from each.

Target Tracker Multi has a simple-to-use interface that is accessible from any web-browser on any device. Data can be uploaded quickly and simply, providing leadership teams with valuable insight at a group level.

Traget Tracker Multi School.

Areas where good practice and success can be shared are easily identified, as well as where schools can work together to improve. This approach is incredibly cost-effective for schools and results in real savings, in both time and budgets.

Key Benefits of Using Target Tracker Multi

on target.

Provides all the benefits of Target Tracker for MATs or clusters

computer monitor icon.

Combines data at whole school, cohort and key group level

computer monitor icon.

Benchmarks attainment and progress for key groups


Enables moderation


Identifies where good practice and success can be shared


Supports collaborative development across schools


Provides a range of reports for detailed analysis of the data

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