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MATs and School Groups

EES for Schools offers a comprehensive range of support services, tailored to the needs of Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) and other school groups.

We recognise that each MAT is unique in its organisation, size and ethos, and will have its own individual needs. We spend time understanding these needs and shape the service offering to ensure it is responsive.

We see ourselves as collaborative partners and will support and promote the MAT’s shared values and strategic goals, ensuring consistency of advice and practice, as well as supporting the individual priorities and goals of each school.

Each MAT will be assigned a lead contact from within the EES for Schools team who will be a single point of contact for all services.

This individual will:

• Be the primary contact for the Board, Trustees, CEO and central MAT team;
• Build a strong relationship between EES for Schools and the MAT;
• Understand the MAT’s vision, structure and goals and align EES capabilities, products and services;
• Create one key point of contact for the MAT to facilitate access to services and co-ordinate business operations.

Our portfolio of services for MATs has been designed to help ensure the efficient and effective running of the organisation, as well as evolving needs across the academies in the following key areas:

• Raising attainment
• Improving operations – optimising resources and maximising budgets
• Professional development
• HR / legal compliance
• Financial management
• Progress tracking, assessment and school effectiveness tools
• Governor and Clerking services
• Leadership and teaching & learning support
• School Library Service
• Educational Visits Service