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Draft Statutory guidance released for Relationships, Sex and Health Education

The Department for Education has released new draft statutory guidance on relationships, sex, and health education (RSE). The regulations were passed by the House of Commons on 27 March 2019. The draft guidance includes regulations for both Primary and Secondary schools which will come into force from September 2020. The guidance is for both academies and maintained schools, and all schools must have regard to the guidance – they should follow it unless they have good, documented reasons for not doing so. The guidance replaces the Sex and Relationship Education guidance (2000).

Primary schools will have to provide:

  • relationships education
  • health education
  • sex education remains non-compulsory

Secondary schools will have to provide:

  • relationships education
  • sex education
  • health education

All schools will need to draft new RSE policies in line with the new guidance. The draft guidance document lays out what should be included in the curriculum at each phase.

Topics include: keeping safe online, looking after your mental health, first aid, LGBT rights, alcohol and drugs, and female genital mutilation among other things.

Parents will still be able to opt their children out of sex education lessons until the child reaches age 15, at which point they will be responsible for opting themselves in or out of these lessons.

Governors need to ensure that they are fulfilling their legal obligations and that they are monitoring the provision of this subject effectively – there is more information on page 16 of the guidance about the role of governors.

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