Secondary Schools

A well-resourced learning resource centre plays an important role in encouraging pupils to read widely and for pleasure. Our Secondary Book Purchase subscription gives you access to our best discount meaning that your book budget is spent wisely and that you get excellent value for money. Our book specialists can act as your personal shopper selecting quality, age-appropriate books to meet your specific requirements or, if you prefer, you can make your own selections. Secure your book budget and this discount by committing £525 (minimum).

  • Safeguard your book purchase budget by lodging your monies with us. You will be free to use it as and when your students and staff require during the year and receive our 25% discount*.
  • Use the expertise of our children’s and young person’s book specialists.  
  • Get subscriber discounts on other PAYG services including artefact loans.

Staff and Library Development

Purchase advisory hours for:

  • Edits, audits and stock advice.
  • Reading and library promotion.
  • Pupil Library Monitor training
  • Recruitment of library staff
  • Bespoke services

We hold regular Accelerated Reader Network meetings. There is a small charge for non-subscribers. 

*Discount may not be  available on any title we are unable to source via our standard book supplier; such items may include graphic novels, study guides, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, atlases and adult fiction or non-fiction. Customers may use their committed funds to purchase such items but a discounted rate cannot be guaranteed.