Advice and Support

How can the School Library Service team of professionally qualified and experienced librarians help you?

  • assist teachers to select age-appropriate resources to support all current educational initiatives including the National Curriculum, the International Primary Curriculum and Accelerated Reader
  • edit school library and classroom resources
  • classify non-fiction collections
  • provide hands-on help to rearrange, update, move or tidy your library or book corners
  • assist schools to add their resources to  library management systems (Libresoft Librarian and Capita Reading Cloud) 
  • train staff to use Libresoft Librarian
  • introduce staff and pupils to a range of new titles and genres through book promotional activities
  • provide continuous professional development opportunities
  • provide training for staff, parent helpers and pupil library monitors
  • teach library and information skills
  • assist with school library cost management

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us to discuss your school’s specific requirements.

Now available our DIY Classification Pack which contains the essentials for classifying your primary school library:

  • 1 copy of Where's That Book? in alphabetical subject order
  • 1 copy of Where's That Book? in Dewey order
  • set of A4 laminated Dewey poster
  • labels
  • tape
  • permanent marker pen
  • 2 non-fiction books as examples
  • How to Classify an Information Booktips
  • SLS colour coding for non-fiction chart

What a fantastic day! Lisa was very friendly and a joy to work with. I could never have achieved on my own what she has done in a day. Our library is immeasurably improved!

Chrissie Flitter, Prince Avenue Academy, Southend