Proposed Sale of EES for Schools

Essex County Council (ECC) is working on the proposed sale of EES for Schools (EES) and has appointed PwC as external advisors to identify preferred bidders.

EES for Schools’ background

EES for Schools is a successful business developed from scratch by Essex County Council starting with the development of the market-leading Target Tracker software. In addition to Target Tracker, since 1991 EES has been selling non-statutory professional services such as Education Finance Support, Education HR, Clerking and Governance, and professional development (including CPD programmes, School Library Service and training for school staff).

We want to invest to develop our services

EES for Schools has now reached a stage where significant investment is required for it to continue to be competitive in the market. ECC is unable to provide that investment nor resource given the significant budget constraints local government is facing. Hence the Council considers that now is the best time to seek a new owner for the benefit of ECC, EES and Essex residents.

Our excellent service will continue and the teams who deliver the services will remain the same

Many schools purchase one or more of the above mentioned services from EES for Schools and the outcome of the proposed sale will not impact on this. The professional teams delivering services to you today will be the same teams after the sale. The EES for Schools teams provide excellent services and have great relationships in place with their customers; this will not change. In fact, we are excited by the thought of the sale and that, with the investment needed from a new owner, the team can grow the service and perhaps offer new services as well for the benefit of schools.

What is for sale?

As a reminder, what ECC is proposing to sell to an investor is the EES for Schools business; the business that has been operating as a fully traded service for many years and has worked outside of the local authority core services for decades.

Where we are now

We are currently in the early stages of the proposed sale and over the coming months, led by PwC, ECC will work through various stages of inviting the market and potential investors to express interest in the business and bid. By the end of August we expect to be in a position by which a sale would take place and we would begin planning with the new investor to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

If you have any questions about the above, please speak to any of our team at EES for Schools or email