Model Terms of Reference

Model standing orders

Many governing boards find it helpful to have a set of rules, or standing orders, for their conduct and meetings. These expand on the requirements of the Instrument of Government, Articles of Association and statutory regulations. Although not legally binding, they can be helpful to the governing board in case of any dispute, by demonstrating that agreed procedures had been followed.

As more decisions about procedures have been left to the individual governing board to decide, it is even more relevant to codify those arrangements into a set of standing orders.

Model Standing Orders for maintained schools and single academy trusts  multi academy trusts are available and may be adopted by your governing board.

Model terms of reference

Where a governing board has delegated any of its functions to a committee, exactly what has been delegated and the limits of any delegation need to be recorded in the governing board minutes.

It is essential that terms of reference for each committee are drawn up setting out the membership, quorum and activities the committee has been delegated. Model terms of reference and generic guidance are listed below:

Appeals Committee

Audit Committee

Curriculum Committee

Disciplinary & Dismissal Committee

Finance Committee (Maintained Schools)

Finance Committee (Academy)

Pay Appeals Committee

Pay Committee

Personnel Committee

Premises Committee

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