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Why I love my School Library! – International School Library Month

Sally Harrison is the School Library Service manager for EES for Schools. Sally has worked in primary school and public libraries for 17 years and as a children’s book reviewer. Sally is a chartered librarian, a member of the Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians and has been a board member of the School Library Association. Here, Sally talks about primary school libraries in celebration of International School Library Month... 

This month is International School Library Month and we’ve been thinking about what makes a great primary school library. 

Ask that question to any group of school library users, from the child who devours books by a favourite author to the teacher hunting for a poem to inspire some creative writing, and you’d probably get as many different answers.

The fact is that a really good primary school library can perform a wide range of functions. Setting aside all the challenges (time, budget, space, knowledge) here’s just a taster of what we think primary schools should aim for:

  • a tidy, well-organised space with comfy seating away from busy classrooms and corridors
  • Fill your library with all kinds of books and other materials to read - fiction, non-fiction, picture books, graphic novels, ebooks, newspapers, comics - with minimum restrictions on who can read what.
  • Give children (and staff) time to browse, choose, read and share stories and information.
  • Role model reading so that the library is at the heart of the school - teachers and other school staff read and recommend to children and to each other. Book-talk at every opportunity.
  • Promote your library as an alternative source of information to the internet.
  • Manage stock with a regular injection of different titles – bought or borrowed.
  • choices beyond Dahl, Wilson and Walliams (although we love these too!)

… and definitely not a storage area or sickness room that just happens to have some books in it!

One thing’s for sure - it isn’t easy to create a great school library without a little bit of outside help and expertise.

So what can we do to help? With expert advice on organisation, layout, library management systems and reading engagement, we can help create the perfect school library.


To celebrate International School Library Month, we are offering free plastic jackets on all personal shopper orders placed in October!

This year, the theme of International School Library Month is ‘Why I love my school library’. Use our template below to cover your library in comments from your pupils, teachers and staff to celebrate your library or reading corner. Tweet us pictures of all your comments as we’d love to share them! @EssexSLS