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New Teaching Techniques

As a teacher, sometimes you’ll face the challenge that your pupils aren’t making the progress you know they’re capable of.

So what do you do? How do you fit more teaching into your already jam-packed schedule?

You need a solution that shows you how to implement a new approach, not just what to do. This way you'll be working smarter by learning new approaches that can be adapted in the future too.

HOW2s can offer you this because they have been created based on cognitive learning theory.

Cognitive learning theory refers to the mental and internal processes of learning, where you attain new information or change existing understandings.

This is done in several ways such as:

  • categorising information to help organise your memory
  • linking concepts – associating something already known with something new
  • real-world examples and application
  • imagery / providing pictures

… and many more.

HOW2s draw on these learning methods so that you can understand the models quickly and effectively.

So that maths equation that one of your pupil’s couldn’t grasp last week can now be easily tackled and you’ll both feel better for it!

HOW2 combines visual diagrams and graphics to help you imagine the situation, as if you were really there, (although it’s likely one or two situations will seem all too familiar), which secures the idea firmly in your long-term memory. This way you learn quicker and with greater understanding for future applications and adaptability.

So, don’t worry, you’ll still have enough time for all of your marking.

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