If you are already subscribed to the Target Tracker, observations are provided at no additional cost.

Observations allow you to attach photos and notes against the formative assessments in both Early Years and Key Stage 1 and 2.

Observations are fully integrated into the software they add value and save effort enabling practitioners to moderate, record and track pupil progress without using several different tools.

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When you create a new observation, you start by adding details and notes. Next, you can add photographic evidence to capture faces, activities, experiences and achievements. You can select individual pupils or groups of pupils against the notes and photographic evidence to ensure that any data captured connects with the appropriate pupils.

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The observations may be used to support moderation, demonstrate achievement and show mastery, or simply record the learning journey through school. Having the observations in the same place as your other formative and summative assessments is a key advantage.

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Observations are collated in a single view that is highly visual, in date order, can be easily filtered, and searchable. Other ways of looking at the data include by pupil and even by key indicators of progress and pre-made comments.

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There are even multiple ways to share the observations with parents or other stakeholders, including reports that will simplify regular reporting to parents.

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