Key Features

Assessing against the new National Curriculum - Gap Analysis is Key

In order to ensure successful outcomes, it is critical to identify the gaps in learning for individual pupils and groups of pupils. Target Tracker provides gap analysis by subject which can be filtered by group or individual pupil. This can help inform the next appropriate steps and assist with planning, it also provides leaders assurance that no areas are being missed.

Key Reporting, Features and Benefits

Gap Analysis – For Subject and Groups or Pupil, gaps in learning are easily identified making sure activities can be effectively planned and focused

Progress Measures – Age bands relating to each academic year, with six steps of progression in each, make it easy to indicate the depth of knowledge each pupil has gained.

End of Year Outcomes & NAHT Key Performance Indicators – Assess against clearly defined objectives to show three variations in understanding

Identify Key Groups – Compare progress or identify gaps in learning for selected pupils using built in filters and user defined groups.

Record Mastery – Indicate ‘Mastery’ in a specific area or across an age band to show the deepening and broadening of knowledge making it

Age Expectation Reports – Identify individual or groups of pupils, working at, above or below for single or multiple subjects including combined Reading, Writing and Maths percentage.

Exemplification - View moderated examples of work for each subject in every age band, ideal for recognising standard of work required in each age band.

Observations – Attach photographs and notes that evidence progress and build a personal learning journey that engages with Parents

Fully supported by Essex Education Services

Data Conversion Service – We can transfer any prior assessment data into Target Tracker for comparison and progress purposes Helpline – Telephone support based in Chelmsford open 8am – 5pm Monday –Friday with the exception of Bank Holidays only.

Training – National coverage for continuous professional development either in school or at regional centres.

Networks – facilitated network sessions focussing on shared best practice, new and up-coming features and collaborative learning.

Future proof – New strategies and statutory education reporting requirements always included and regularly updated.


  • Cloud Hosted – Ease of Access, Speed, Security
  • Secure – suitable SMT, Teachers, Support Staff & Governors
  • Windows Tablets & PC’s
  • Compatible with MIS via CTF
  • Multi user access

Next Steps:

Contact our friendly team to arrange a demonstration either by phone or in school. Consider other nearby schools that may also want to be involved.

Our technical support team can transfer any existing historical assessment data saving you time.

We will discuss your training and implementation needs to find the most suitable time and venue.

Contact us today to start using Target Tracker.