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Desktop Target Tracker 15.7.2

What's New

* New: Favourites

* New: Test Performance Profile report

* New: TA Updates report

* Improved: User management

* Improved: Pupil group management

* Improved: Assessment statements updated

* Improved: Age Related Expectation Summary report

* Improved: Scatter charts

* Many more features and improvements

* Release Date: 31st August 2018

To install: Download the file and save it, e.g. on the desktop. Double-click to run the file and install the software. If you are installing to upgrade an existing version, follow the same instructions. The new version will replace the old one.

If you require further assistance call the Target Tracker helpline on 0345 200 8600 (option 2).

Advanced users - If you require an MSI, download the file as normal and use any unzip software to extract the files.

Download - Target Tracker

MD5 Checksum: 8f92803cc81225c092d74ef37f0affd6

For non subscribers - to subscribe to the software, a login key is required. Contact us to get the key and book your training.

This software tests the network connectivity on the PC it is run on to identify whether it meets the requirements to run Target Tracker for EYFS and Primary

It will report success or failure and provide information on what may need to be changed in the event of failure.

If a failure is reported then the details should be given to your network manager to make the changes to allow Target Tracker to run.

The software requires no installation and may be run from a memory stick if you want to try several computers.

Simply download to your C: drive and save, then double-click to run.

Note: The test can take several minutes to complete
If the software fails to start you may need to install the software below:

Download - Network Tester

Getting Data from Instructions for Target Tracker v15 - EYFS and Primary -Go to Article template v15.5 for Target Tracker - EYFS and Primary

(Please unzip this file before importing)

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