Target Tracker Observations App

With easy-to-use, seamless technology, the app complements Target Tracker, the market-leading pupil progress and attainment software, enabling teachers to record observations in the classroom or on the go.
Quickly create and upload pupil observations directly into Target Tracker from an iPad or iOS device for a simpler way to evidence progress and capture activities. Uploaded observations and associated notes, pupils and assessments will immediately be available to view in Target Tracker on the desktop and can be further amended, merging three steps into one and saving teachers time.
Features include:
  • enter formative assessments  
  • assign observations to pupils  
  • assign observations to EYFS or national curriculum statements  
  • attach new or existing photos and notes straight to observations 
  • secure login and data upload  
  • upload directly to Target Tracker 

To download the app, please visit the app store or click here.

For more information please download the Target Tracker Observations App flyer.


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