Governance Self Evaluation Tracker

Governance Self Evaluation tracker (GSET) is a web-based resource designed to support school governing boards. Governors can share information securely online and use this to evaluate and evidence their effect on the school. This web-based tool allows each governor easy access across a range of platforms using their own unique login.

Governing bodies should review their own effectiveness and impact. The Governor Self Evaluation tracker creates an excellent framework for enabling governors to do this as well as supporting them in their action planning, administration of policies, agendas and minutes.

Emma Knights, Chief Executive, National Governors Association

GSET is the complete solution for governor self-evaluation and includes:

  • evaluation of your governing body against graded statements to identify improvement areas
  • central storage for your important information such as policies and minutes
  • sharing key dates including meetings and events into a shared calendar
  • adding text or upload documents to support your judgements
  • developing action plans for improvement measures which is also useful to evidence steps taken for improvement

Key Features

Sharing: GSET’s cloud system provides governors with remote access to the most up-to-date data. Governors access the data through their own login allowing secure sharing of policies, minutes and any other important documents.

Self-Evaluation: Governing bodies can evaluate their effectiveness against graded statements, aiding them to find strengths and weaknesses. Documents or text can be added to support any judgements.

Action Plans: GSET allows users to create action plans for areas they wish to improve. Once these are completed, they will stay as a record of steps taken.

Planning: Key dates can be shared by placing all meetings into a calendar that all governors can access.

What Our Customers Say

I know Ofsted said we were Outstanding but using GSET enables us to evidence that we genuinely are and gives us the tools to ensure that we can maintain that standard.

Lorraine Breading, Chair of Governors, Canvey Junior School

From my point of view I can heave a sigh of relief, I thought I’m never going to keep on top of all of this. But actually, now I can. It’s all in one place.

Nikki Elliot, Clerk of Governors, Slimbridge Primary