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Target Tracker DataBook and DataBook+

Target Tracker would like to offer you a new way to analyse your current and historical attainment and progress data for key groups. 

At EES for Schools we are constantly looking for ways to ease teacher and senior leader workload. We recognise that you may not have time to select and present the powerful reports which work best for your school. 

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The Target Tracker DataBook contains a range of reports detailing attainment and progress for individuals and groups within your school. It will contain the reports which we feel best highlight a school’s strengths and weaknesses. You are also able to specify your own expectations and assessment preferences to personalise the DataBook.


Target Tracker DataBook+ contains all the reports from the Target Tracker DataBook but offers you a headlines review, where your school’s strengths and weaknesses are clearly identified and highlights the information on which these judgements are based. 

I have just received my Databook. I have to say the quality is excellent, thank you to the team so much!
We ordered them because we have used Target Tracker differently this year as guided by our academy trust and the Databooks will help us refine our use of Target Tracker so it’s more effective.

The data trails are so helpful as sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees with data.

Target Tracker and more recently SE+ are so effective, useful and such great value for money with the addition of these Databooks it is the best thing we buy in to.

You have made my working life so much easier and saved the school lots of money – releasing SMT to do data analysis etc. is so costly, plus we prefer to be with the children focusing on learning!

Sincere thanks to all the team!

Rebecca Jackson, Headteacher Holmbush Primary Academy, West Sussex

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